Facts From A History of Crochet Hook…

  • Many crochet hook producers use variety of materials in order to achieve hook’s lightness and perfect gliding of yarn during crocheting: plastic, aluminum, bone, wood, teflon;

Light wood boards colored with rainbow colors

  • Crocheting has been known for a long time. During the ancient times men used two simple wooden sticks in order to weave fishing nets and their clothes;


  • In ancient Egypt pharaohs, who liked to decorate themselves a lot, picked only the best crocheters. They crocheted and knitted silk and linen clothes as well as cloth with golden thread for pharaohs;


  • In middle ages there was a competition between women and men crocheters. In 1612 Parisian socks’ makers announced that they were not hiring any women. Nowadays there are more female crocheters;


  • As the process of crocheting was developing crochet hook initially was a stick with an angle of 90°. Later when crocheting grown in a commercial mass production the crochet hook obtained the form that we are used to see nowadays;

Ball of yarn sitting on crochet work with hook

  • In 1589 William Lee invented knitting machine and the new era of jersey began. Everyone would expect crocheting to be forgotten forever. Knitting machine was only able to substitute knitting but not crocheting, as its weaving is unique and hard to perform with the machine. Soon ladies from the higher society made crocheting a noble hobby of creme du la creme. They produced laces some of which are saved in the museums;


  • Although crocheting is considered women hobby, and only hobby, some people earn extra income by crocheting clothes and its accessories. High fashion houses highly value skilled crocheters and use elements made by them in their couture collections, such as laces for dress decorations;


  • Interesting to note that Turkish knitting industry almost copied crocheting on the knitting machines but not quite. Only human hands make crochet hook to dance and make exquisite patterns to produce one of a kind clothing pieces.

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