Useful Advices for Artisans: How to Make Your Clients Happy

The CHM Team likes to compare artisans with pretty porcelain figurines which should rotate to show of their best sides. Our customers want us to prove them that we and our craft is the best and one of a kind and truly deserve customers’ attention. That is why artisan needs to show that his/her works are the best, high quality and exclusively made for his/her customers. Moreover, artisan also needs to show his/her personality as being honest, polite and professional person.


Let’s face it there is a huge competition between artisans. A lot of people are making handmade items: postcards knitted and crocheted clothes, handmade jewellers, etc. In order to be salable your craft business needs to have some unique features which will help your business to stand up and be differentiated from others. You will ask: what about big brands? Most of them sell mass produced items which are not unique at all.

Unique golden egg

In addition to huge fame and recognizability there is a marketing trick that top brands use. Have you noticed that while you shop in store or online you will receive different promo codes, discounts, free shipping and gifts? Many customers get on this marketing “hook”. So, why don’t artisans use the same trick?


It is important to note that lots of handmade masters can not afford free shipping or giving out huge discounts on their products. This is even more common among the artisans who are only at the beginning of creating their handmade business and who are struggling financially to grow their businesses.

On the other hand as a customer we would love to have free shipping or big discounts, or free gifts while shopping. Aha! Yes, here is a magical word – free gift! We all love gifts, aren’t we? Especially if it is a surprise and totally unexpected one.


What gifts are acceptable? For example you are making notebooks and photo albums with the help of scrapbooking. It is important for your customers not only to leave you a positive feedback, but also come back to your shop and potentially bring new clients. You can make a post card as a gift using scrapbooking technique.


If you are a natural cosmetic maker and have a figurine soap mold, why not to make a small soap sample as a gift to your customer? For you it would be easy to make such sample and make your customer even happier.


If you make jewellery, why not to make a trinket, or some kind of small pendant as a gift?


While inserting a gift into your order make sure that you specify that it is a gift specifically made for your customer. Include some kind of tag and address it to your client with best wishes.


You can also make your gift a total surprise to your customer and not mentioning it during the correspondence. Some people do not like surprises, so it is totally up to you.

Let’s summarize and re-cap gift specifications:

  1. Make a small gift for your clients while selling your handmade orders;
  2. Your gift should relate to the craft you are making (example: selling knitted clothes, make knitted mittens);
  3. Always include a gift tag and address your clients with greetings and best wishes;
  4. Optional feature to make your gift a pleasant surprise to your client by not mentioning it in your correspondence with the customer.


Team of Creative HandMade Market.



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