How to Identify Correct Forms of Earrings for Your Type of Face

Nowadays there are plenty of information regarding variety types of jewellery made: necklaces, rings, brooches, earrings, etc. We are going to chat today about earrings and how to choose them correctly for your face type. Hope this information will not only help our readers personally but also their clients too. One can help the customer to choose earrings according to their face shape and form.

There are so many different types of earrings: big and small, long and short, metal and textile, and much more. But how to choose them to underline the beauty of your face?

First of all you need to determine your face type and then pick the earrings of your dream to match it.

There are 7 face types:

  1. Oval
  2. Round
  3. Square (rectangular shape)
  4. Triangle (heart shape)
  5. Trapezoidal (pear shape)
  6. Diamond
  7. Elongated

Now let’s consider all 7 face types in more details.

Oval Face Shape has the widest part in cheekbones. Face form is narrowing towards chin and forehead. The chin line is oval, neither wide, nor narrow. In the temples zone the face is a little bit wider than in a chin zone.


Women who has this face form are very lucky as they can wear any types of earrings. 


In the Round Face Shape face length is almost equal to its width. Face line is very soft and has rounded chin.


Earrings that are comparable with this type of face are those that has no round shape: elongated chandeliers with medium width. Long, thin earrings visually elongate the face making it less round. One also can consider geometrical earring models.


Avoid big and massive earrings.


In the Square Face Shape width of cheekbones, forehead and cheeks is the same. Chin line is squared with sharp angles.


Oval, round and elongated earrings will be a perfect match for this face type. Different ring types earring and also drop-shaped one, as well as chandelier earrings will fit for square face. All earrings with soft lines and no angles are accepted as they will soften harder face angles. It is better to wear thin width earrings.


Avoid the earrings with sharp angles and square forms.


In the Pear-Shaped Face chin is highly visible and it is wider than cheekbones, cheeks and forehead. This type of face is narrowed towards temples.


The best earrings for this type of face are small stud earrings, as they are not going to give more weight to the bottom part of the face which is already pretty heavy.


Avoid any massive chandelier earrings, as well as any ring-type and volume-giving ones.

Heart-shaped face has hair line and forehead wider than bottom part of the face (cheekbones are wider than chin which is sharpened to the face bottom).


Massive earrings are perfect for heart-shaped face: drop, geometrical, chandelier earrings.


Avoid earrings in the form of inverted triangle.


In a Diamond Face Shape the widest part of the face is cheekbones which are usually angled up sharply. The forehead is usually wider or same width as cheekbones, chin is usually sharpened and narrow.


Stud earrings and not very long chandeliers are perfect for this type of face.


Avoid round button earrings as they visually widen the cheekbones.


The main features of Elongated Face Shape are high cheekbones and forehead, sharp-pointing chin, the face length is considerably bigger than its width.


The best fitting earrings are short, massive or volume-filling earrings. Ideal – big ring-like earrings, big and round ones, in the form of feathers, different geometrical forms, square, triangles, hearts, drops.


Avoid thin and long earrings.


At the end we would like to share with you some more information in regards how to choose correct type of earrings either for yourself, or for your  friends, relatives, customers, etc.

When choosing earrings do not forget about the shape of your ear, specifically about ear lobe. Small ear lobe likes elongated earrings. Big lobe needs flat earrings. Very thin ear lobe does not like big, heavy earrings, it is better to choose small and accurate ones. If your ears tend to protrude a bit it is better to pick small stud earrings.

Do not forget to choose earrings that will underline your natural eye colour.

If you have light hair and eye colour (blue, grey) choose earrings with light coloured stones (white, light blue and green, turquoise, light pink).

If you have light hair colour and dark eyes you may choose earrings with warm coloured stones (yellow, yellow-brown, brown).

If you are a brunette pick earrings with bright colours.

Dark and bronze skin types are comparable with golden or bronze coloured earrings.

Light and pale skin can be matched with silver, platinum and steel toned earrings.

Last but not least, do not forget to ask yourself or the person you are are making/choosing earrings for where she will be wearing them. The earrings should be picked according to what occasion they will be worn.

During the day, in the office and on business meetings please choose small accurate studs. Do not choose earrings with big stones and lots of details.

During the evening you can wear large massive earrings with huge stones and brightly coloured accents.


Team of the CHM.


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