Store/Product Submission Guidelines

At Creative HandMade Market we do understand how hard it is for artists to be seeing in the ocean of crafters. That is why the purpose of this guide is to ease the way of being seeing in our on-line store by the customers and let our valued members to know how to submit their handmade crafts effectively on our website. First you need to register on our website. Registration and items listing are completely free of charge. Remember that your item must be handmade or vintage! Don’t put anything that is not a handmade/vintage item otherwise, your account will be removed!

All fields in the submission page need to be filled and remember: the more information you are going to put on in your item description the better! Please include the clear photo of your item, so that customers can see what the item looks like and get a better idea of what your craft is all about.

Let’s recap! You should include:

  • The title of your product;
  • Type in detailed description of your product (please make it more than just two or three words). The more descriptive you be the better, but also keep your writing consice;
  • Include the price of your item as well as shipping prices domestic and international;
  • Please choose the category of your product, as well as Product Tags, which are very important to ease the search for your item for the customers’
  • Upload at least one clear photo of your handmade item into the Product Image section;
  • Tags are very important to ease the search for your item for the customers;

As stated above the registration to create the store and items listing are free of charge, and the item can be in the store as long as you like. If and only if you sell your item, Creative HandMade Market is going to charge you 7% of selling income.


Featured Artist Submission/Advertisement Form

We believe that by knowing you better the customers will benefit greatly. They will fill more welcomed, friendlier and more connected to you as an artist. To experience the tight bond type of connection between you as a creative crafter and the customer, you just need to describe yourself as a person and an artist to us.

Creative HandMade Market is giving our artists the chance to be featured/advertised in our posts (Featured Artist Section) in which we are describing you and the craft you are doing. Just simply send us the e-mail at with the answers to the questions listed below. Please be as detailed as you can, the more you write the better. You may also want to include the photos of the products that you are making or the link to your store in our website.

The questions for Featured Artists Advertisement Form:

  • Tell us about yourself, more expanded if possible. What do you do for living, what do you like to do, except crafting? Tell us more about your family, hobbies, work, etc.
  • What is your craft? Why did you choose it? Why do you like it? What attracts you so much in it? How were you first introduced to this craft? When did it happen?
  • Tell us more about your business, your location, is it online business, or you own a store, or showroom? How did you start your business? Do you participate in craft events in Canada, or outside of the country? What pitfalls and successes have you encountered?
  • Where the customers can find you, except our website store? Do you sell on other platforms? Do you have social networks: facebook, pinterest, twitter?
  • What business and life advices you can give to crafters? And anything else that you want us to know?

As soon as you will send the filled out form to us, we will review it and either make some changes or if we lack the information we will e-mail you for details. You will get a notification e-mail when the article about you is posted at By sending us the information about yourself you are allowing us to put that information on our website and social networks associated with the website. Please don’t hesitate to e-mail us back if you have any concerns regarding it and also if you want the article to be deleted from our website and social media associated with it.

The price for Featured Artists Advertisement is subjected to many details (length of the article, amount of the information you want to be in the add, duration of the add, ect.) Please email us to get the quote and remember that our advertisement article fee starts as low as $15 per month. The advertisement prices are submitted to change, so e-mail us for details.



Team of Creative HandMade Marke